AAU market research (Awareness, Attitude, and Usage) will drive brand decision making...

Awareness, Attitude, and Usage research (AAU) is one of the most common marketing research solutions used, and we can execute with the best of them.

A different focus of understanding is provided at each level of AAU research.  Here are some of the differentiators:

  • Awareness focuses on things like brand recall, and desired associations between a brand and a brand's ideal characteristics.

  • Attitude identifies consumer beliefs around the brand.  Is the brand something that the consumer identifies with?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the brand?

  • Usage really gets to the bottom of who uses the brand, how often the brand is used, when you anticipate using the brand again, and consumer loyalty to your brand.  

At Discovery, we believe that most things center on context.  In the case of AAU research the context should be your competitor(s).  You understand your brand, by understanding your competitor's brand.  We provide AAU research that will help you understand how your brand stacks up, and we provide actionable insights that will move your brand from it's current state to a more dominant position in the marketplace.  If you're interested in chatting about how awareness, attitude, and usage research (AAU) can help you, please contact us.  

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