Our market research clients are known around the world for their brands, products or services...

We provide market research solutions for many clients (new and returning) each year.  Here's a small sample of some of them.


     Aker Biomarine     AFS     Billy Goat Industries


Cheyenne Frontier Days DealerTrack


 Erickson Retirement Communities    Good Done Great 


    Hach Company        IBM


Lifetime Products      Maptek          Mitchell 


Platte River Power Authority     Purina


  Sports Authority      

Discovery Research Group works with companies of every size and flavor. Here's some of what they have to say about what we can do for your business.

Director, Client Programs; Major Provider of Services in the Collision Repair Shop, Property and Casualty Insurance Industry

"Discovery Research has built several text analytics dashboards for our company to understand how our clients feel about us.  We do thousands of surveys each year, and were overwhelmed by all of the comments.  This was particularly evident when our quantitative scores dropped or increased significantly;  we’d want to know why our scores changed and would have to manually “bucketize” the comments to try to identify trends.  Because of the volumes, it would take one person several days to do this, or multiple people one day, but in both instances, we struggled with consistency in our categories. 

Now we provide Discovery Research with our latest survey results every month.  They provide analytics that are consistent and easy to understand, in a dashboard that’s visually very impressive.  It has been known to elicit oohs and aahs from senior management on a number of occasions!!  Discovery Research has been very flexible in creating the graphs and charts we need – even programming complex custom calculations upon request (in our case, NPS and SUS).  Thanks to our text analytics dashboards, we have an added level of insight into the satisfaction level of our customers and what we need to do to improve our company. "

Market Research Director; Major Manufacturer of Outdoor Products

"Discovery Research has the insight and creativity to provide solutions to our social media research problems.  We needed a dashboard portal so we could track consumer sentiment regarding our products in online reviews.  At the same time, we wanted to 'drill down' to the actual consumer comments to get a better sense of what was driving those product reviews.  Discovery Research worked with us to create a custom, full-featured, social media research dashboard so we can examine these reviews down to the individual SKU and review website."



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