Ads and Logos always resonate best when they're tested using market research techniques...

Measure twice, cut once. We all know the wisdom behind that statement.

When you test your ad concept or logo design you are following this same prudent line of thinking. At Discovery Research Group we can employ a variety of research methodologies to test ads and logo designs. But one of the most effective methodologies we have found utilizes a two-stage approach.

  • Stage One consists of a focus group or groups to help formulate and refine ideas. This is especially important if you are in the early stages of your ad or logo design development. The findings from the focus group will then allow you to “focus” your ad and logo design efforts into areas that your target market has indicated are the most important.

  • In stage two of the process we present the various logo designs or ad designs that you developed, based on the findings from the focus group, to your target audience via an online survey. This large sampling process allows us to definitively tell you which logo or ad will most effectively resonate with your target market.

At Discovery, we believe that testing is important to professional marketing.  If you want to get the best "pick up" from your ads or logos, test them.  You'll be surprised at how much it helps.  If you're interested in talking about how ad or logo testing can help your business, please contact us. 


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