Competitive intelligence solutions will give your business the edge it needs!

Want to know about your competitors, your business environment, what your consumers think of you vs. your competitors? Gather competitive intelligence.

bestCompetitive product analysis is a process used to gather and analyze information about YOUR products, customers, and the business environment you operate in.  It gives you information on how you align with others. It is more than just comparing "your products" to "your competitors products." Competitive analysis reports and competitive intelligence dashboards delve into your company, your competitors, your business environment, current competitor and industry initiatives, and provide information on what your consumers are thinking and saying about you.

There are a lot of competitive intelligence solutions and information sources out there.  Discovery Research is particularly suited to meet your needs in this area because of our years of experience and ability to understand unstructured text analysis.  Competitive Intelligence needs be collected and evaluated in ways that allow your business to make strategic decisions about your company, new product launches, branding, or business direction and we can show you the way.

Discovery Research will help you compete by focusing in on the elements that will make your company better, faster, and stronger. Competitive intelligence reports and solutions should provide you with actionable information, and it should provide this information before it becomes apparent to EVERYONE.  If it's not actionable, then it isn't intelligence.  Let's talk about how Discovery Research can help your business take action.