Use market research analysis to understand the value of your event to your sponsors and your customers.

Discovery Research understands how to measure and evaluate the buzz surrounding current events and consumer activities.  Events, whether they are created purposefully or not, happen all the time.  You, as a business, try to create these events on your own.  Whether you're talking about a conference or a concert, a contest or a local activity, you need to understand how well you're doing and whether you've "pulled it off."  And, more importantly, whether you're getting something out of it.  

Special Event

Post event analysis provides an increased understanding of the value of your event by understanding how your consumers view it and what they're saying about it.

You and your sponsors spend a lot of money promoting your events, building good events, and trying to bring consumers to these events.  Do you understand what your customer is saying about you and your sponsors as they attend and engage with your brand?

A poorly executed event, as viewed by your consumer, may hurt your product or brand more than it ever helps it.  How will you know how to fix the "low hanging fruit" that takes your event from mediocre to hugely successful.  We'll help you figure that out.   

We will help you understand the customer sentiment of your next event.  The buzz surrounding your event, whatever that entails, should be analyzed.  We'll tell you things like:

  • What you're customers like and dislike about your event.
  • What about your event resonates with them.
  • Whether they are talking about your event posititvely (or negatively).
  • The volume of buzz around your event.
  • Whether your customers are evangelizing your event.
  • Whether they are "buying" what you're telling them.

The next time that you hold or sponsor an event, let us help by analyzing what the social media buzz says about it.