What do you do with all of that focus group text when your focus groups have wrapped up? Analyze it!

Focus Groups are a tried and true way of answering business questions.  Focus group analysis can be cumbersome as companies are left with hours and hours of text, audio, and video files that may never be reviewed in their entirety.focus2

Moderators and observers take notes, they listen, they guide the conversation, but have potential to miss something.  It's not likely that after the focus group is completed anyone will reread every bit of text, listen to every bit of audio, or watch every bit of video that is generated in the span of the focus group.  Discovery Research uncovers the underlying trends associated with the focus groups that may not be obvious from the initial conversation.  Discovery Research's focus group data analysis digs into the detail of focus group transcripts.  The outcome is a deeper understanding of the insights of the groups, spanning all groups and all conversations in a way that compliments the moderator who conducts the session.  

Discovery Research understands focus groups and focus group data analysis.  We have our own focus group facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We understand the challenges associated with analyzing multiple topics across multiple groups.  Discovery Research analyzes these groups and topics in as a whole and provide you with ways to drill into the subject and content that is pertinent to your business.