Industry market research and analysis helps you understand where you stand vs. your competitors...

Discovery Research conducts industry analysis on just about any industry imagineable.  We can help you understand how your company compares to the industry you operate in. We specialize in businessmeeting content analysis and deliver industry analysis reports that provide insight into your place in the industry, your competitors, your alignment with other companies, the areas you are doing well and where your business can improve. We have the ability to delve into detailed analysis of the make-up of your unique business landscape using both online and other media sources. If the conversation is accessible, we can analyze it.

Watch this page for summary updates on different industries and business segments. We will learn about your business, your industry, and your competitors and help you understand your competitive market opportunities.

Feel free to contact the Discovery Research staff if you'd like to commission a study that provides a much deeper understanding and analysis of your business, industry, or market or if you'd like an overview of your own industry that is not provided here.