Research analysis of online customer reviews measures the tone surrounding your products and customers!

One of the biggest sources of online information and conversation available to businesses today is the abundance of consumer product review content.

For the benefit of future customers, your current customers often write their thoughts about your products, your brands and your services.  Very few companies are immune from the plethora of consumer product review sites.  If you really want to know what your customers think of your products, all your products, than you need to tap into this wealth of information and conduct analysis of online reviews.

But how?  An employee (or more than one employee if you have a lot of products) could spendid 10013089 their entire workday digging through and understanding the content on these sites and even longer gathering competitive product analysis.  There's an easier way to conduct this type of consumer market research.

The Discovery Research staff are experts at gathering this information, analyzing it, and producing online dashboards and data visualizations that help you understand the content and make it available to you all in one location real-time.  We do content analysis of your online reviews, analyze them, and dashboard them in ways that are drillable by product, by site, down to the actual comment.

Imagine having a way to check one site that consolidates the majority (or all) of your product reviews and customer reviews, conducts product review analysis on the content gathered, and makes it available to you 24/7.  Discovery Research provides the way...and it's much more affordable than you'd think.  Reach out to us...what's the risk?  You might actually find a source of information that's a game-changer for your company.