Text analysis uncovers hard to reach business strategy by digging into qualitative information!

Got Conversation?

Companies are rich with text-based conversational content that often sits un-analyzed, under-appreciated, and under-utilized.

Whether your qualitiative conversation source is associated with internal company databases, traditional market research techniques, or online social media content, there's a whole lot of "unstructured text" available to you. The real difficulty lies in how you go about analyzing it and paying attention to it.  Data analysis and interpretation in qualitative research and other qualitative data sources is not easy...until now. conversation

Text analysis is the process of turning unstructured text (open ended text) from conversation sources into something that can be analyzed statistically and used to predict and drive business decisions and insights. Often times, text analysis is associated with "Big Data" sets as the analytic process is run on thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pieces of conversation, requiring that the processing technique be driven by machines that have the ability to learn. If you are going to turn your text analytics over to a machine, you want to turn it over to one with experience and we have the experience to process mounds of open ended content.

Discovery Research has over two decades of experience in text analytics and open ended conversation analysis. We can help you understand your "Voice of the Customer," customer feedback management, market research, online or inline content and data sources. Using your unstructured text, and our experience, platform, and analytic techniques, Discovery Research will provide focused insights from YOUR world of conversations.