Your brand has an image you work hard to protect. We'll use market research techniques to help you understand how it evolves over time...

There are a lot of businesses that make shoes.  There is only one Nike.  But Nike didn’t get to the top overnight.  A good brand image takes time to develop.

Managing your brands image is job number one for your marketing department.  However, with so many factors affecting the view customers have of your brand, tracking changes in perception over time can be a difficult task.  Yet without doing this, you run the risk of waking up one day to find that your competition has taken advantage of your weaknesses, and adapted to your target markets changing needs better than you.

Our brand image assessment starts with a detailed analysis of how your brand is currently being perceived by your target market.  We identify variables that are critical to your brands success.  We then track those variables over time in order to help you see how your brands image is evolving in a changing marketplace.  Your closest competitors are also identified and the same variables tracked for them so as to uncover any threats they pose or weaknesses that you can take advantage of.  The end result is a longitudinal study that identifies those variables that have the greatest impact on your brand image and allows you to focus your marketing efforts on what really matters.

Let us show you how your brand stacks up against the competition, areas of success, areas where you may be falling short, and areas you should focus on in order to position yourself as the company with the product or service your target market thinks of first.

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