What's your USP? We'll use our market research techniques to help you understand your Unique Selling Position...

When your target market hears your company name or sees your company logo what goes through their mind? Or more importantly their heart?   

How do others feel about your brand?  Would anybody really miss your company if it went under?  Or would they be able to easily find everything you offer at one of your competitors?  Critical to the success of any brand is a strong USP (unique selling position) that sets the brand apart from the competition and causes people to feel a certain way about your company.

Our approach to brand positioning helps you better identify this USP, for your company as well as for your competition, through a process known as multidimensional scaling.  With multidimensional scaling we measure perceptions using similarity judgments and attribute ratings.  In similarity judgments, data is obtained from a survey where consumers are asked to compare how similar or dissimilar one brand is to another.  With attribute ratings consumers are asked to rate brands with regard to how well the approach specific attributes. 

The end result is a perceptual map that shows how your brand is positioned in the mind of your target market relative to the competition.

Car Perceptual Map

Pain Reliever Perceptual Map

Multidimensional scaling does more than just help you understand the position of your brand in the marketplace.  With multidimensional scaling you can:  

  • Identifying new product or service opportunities by looking for white space or gaps.
  • Gauge the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by ascertaining your brands position before and after a campaign.
  • Assess the attitudes and perceptions of consumers.
  • Determine what attributes your brand owns and what attributes your competitors own.

The end result is a solid path for developing your USP and strengthening your brand.  If your brand is struggling with an identity crisis, let Discovery Research group help you focus your brands position into one that is truly unique.

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