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Living With Arthritis: A Market Research Case Study Analysis of the Arthritic Phenomena and Emotion

Posted by Vaughn Mordecai on Fri, Feb 06, 2015 @ 06:10 PM

For those who suffer with arthritis, the pain they feel extends well beyond the physical characteristics of the disease. Arthritis impacts people on an emotional level that is just as impactful as the physical condition. Because the pain of arthritis is both physical and emotional, those wishing to effectively communicate the benefits of any treatment regimen must demonstrate an understanding not only of the physical impact of arthritis, but also the associated emotional impact.

Focusing on the emotional aspects associated with arthritis, this study was grounded in phenomenology – the way individuals ascribe meaning to things and then relate that meaning to their experience. In other words, arthritis sufferers all share similar experiences with regard to joint pain, but the meaning they ascribe to this experience is unique and subjective. This subjective meaning results in a variation of emotions among those that suffer from arthritis. It is these subjective emotions that this study aims to identify and examine by looking at the crucial properties and structures of the emotional experience.

Sufferers of arthritis describe their condition very differently using very different words and terms. The aim of this report is to leverage market research techniques to understand this meaning they ascribe to their world.

If you're interested, download our free eBook that fully outlines this research.

Market Research Case Studies

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Social Media Brand Analysis of Dr. Pepper

Posted by Kevan Oswald on Wed, Oct 01, 2014 @ 09:23 AM

Sitting firmly in the number five spot, just behind Mountain Dew and one notch in front of Sprite, Dr Pepper is one of the more distinctive and recognizable brands in all of America.  As the fifth best-selling soft drink, the brand has firmly entrenched itself in the American psyche as being just a little “different” from market leaders Coke and Pepsi, a position it continues to leverage in its marketing efforts as it struggles to hold its ground in a soft drink industry that has been in slow decline for some time now, thanks primarily to an increasingly fragmented beverage market.

This purpose of this brand analysis is to used social media research techniques to evaluate some of the elements that consumers use to define the Dr Pepper brand from a social media perspective.  Once this outside perspective is understood, a brand can use the findings to better evaluate the effectiveness of existing marketing strategies.  Perhaps more importantly, with this perspective, brands can more effectively plan future marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that take advantage of the growing power and influence social media has in shaping consumer perception.

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Social Media Research Metrics on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted by Vaughn Mordecai on Wed, Sep 03, 2014 @ 08:30 AM

Many (MANY) of us were challenged, and accepted the challenge, to pour buckets of icy cold water over our heads this summer to increase awareness of (and increase donations for) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  The viral exposure to the "cause" hit epic proportions.  Whether you agreed with the cause or were annoyed by all the background noise surrounding it.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge resulted in some really creative content.  Take a look at this video from alternative rock band the Foo Fighters.

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Social Media Analysis and Corporate Giving

Posted by Vaughn Mordecai on Tue, Aug 12, 2014 @ 04:43 PM

A significant amount of money is spent each year on charitable donations by the Fortune 500 companies (and other organizations).  Discovery Research Group conducted some social media research and analysis on this charitable giving to see if the companies that donate this sizeable amount benefited from these donations.  Download our Free eBook to uncover the results. 

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Conversation Analysis and the Fast Food Industry

Posted by Vaughn Mordecai on Tue, Aug 12, 2014 @ 01:06 PM

It is the emotion of the consumer that will build the foundation of your business

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Connect With the Customer Through Survey Open-Ended Context

Posted by Vaughn Mordecai on Tue, Aug 12, 2014 @ 12:48 PM

If you're wondering how your brand can grab and keep your customers attention, we have a question for you.  When you do survey research, are you asking the right questions (and, after you do ask the right ones, are you listening)?

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