CompassVision market research dashboards deliver data visualizations of your market research and consumer intelligence, provide access to understanding your internal business data, and drive analytic solutions so that your company can make informed business decisions—quickly.


CompassVision is aimed at providing you with online real-time research and business intelligence information from sources such as market research surveys, social media content, internal business databases, or just about any data source that you can imagine. Each source can be integrated and made available online at your fingertips.

CompassVision will provide immediate insight into your company's performance through the use of drillable online dashboards that are available 24/7 and have the rights and security you need to implement research and intelligence information at every level of your organization.

Through the delivery of customizable company key performance indicators (KPI's), in an aesthetic and easy to understand way, CompassVision dashboards will provide businesses with the important information they need to track, understand, and improve organizational performance in an easy and very accessible way. Business intelligence dashboards provide easy understanding to the most complicated big data file, or a simpler survey research study by aggregating data streams and providing a view of the information you need to understand the most. Compassvision dashboards will guide you to informed decision making.

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