Competitive Intelligence research will help you understand how to beat the competition. We provide market research techniques that will help you win...

When it comes to your competitors, what you don’t know can hurt you.  The need to gather market and competitive intelligence is a necessity today and is often driven by a specific objective.

For some it may be a new product launch, for others it may be the initial step in the development of a new marketing plan.  Whatever your competitive intelligence need, we have the expertise to help you learn a lot more about your competition than you currently know.

One tactic in gaining competitive intelligence is win/loss analysis.  With win/loss analysis we interview customers that you have lost to the competition as well as new customers who have recently tried your product or service for the first time.  The result is a deeper understanding of the motives behind the decisions of each group.

Using our social media and text analytics tools we can also quickly gather a host of unsolicited comments about any competitor or competing product.  This information is then carefully broken down and analyzed in order to learn the strengths and weaknesses that exist for your competitors.  This provides a fresh perspective not only on your competition, but also on your own company.

Whether it be a new product launch, an driving need to understand your competitors strategy, or how to improve your own products, we can help.  Let us show you what you don’t know about your competition.  The results may surprise you. 

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