Products deserve market research testing before you release them to your customers. We test concepts for product success...

It’s been said that a smart man learns from his mistakes, but that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others so he doesn’t make the mistake in the first place.  How can you be like the wise man and avoid making the mistake in the first place?   

It’s called concept testing, and it can save you a lot time, headache, but most importantly…money.

Concept testing is the process of employing both quantitative and qualitative research methods to evaluate consumer response to an idea before it is introduced to the marketplace.  With concept testing we are able to:

  • Learn what features are most important and should be focused on when promoting a product or service.
  • Identify which segments of the population will embrace the product or service.
  • Better understand how consumers are going to use your product.
  • Determine the best pricing strategy and how to package your product or service in a way that effectively appeals to your target market. 
  • Identify any missing features, ones that should be upgraded, and ones that customers don’t find useful.     

Surveys and focus groups are the two most common methods used for concept testing, but ethnographic research can be effectively used in the very early stages to help develop the concept, or in the final stages to observe actual usage among a select group of customers prior to full launch.  This type of analysis can be accomplished either directly through observation, or indirectly through an MROC (Marketing Research Online Communities).  With an MROC, a select sample of your target audience tests the product for a period of time, answers specific questions, and discusses ways to improve the product with other members of the community via posts, pictures, and video updates to the community site. 

The rich insights garnered from concept testing will greatly improve your chances of success.   Let us use concept testing to help you significantly reduce the amount of risk encountered when pushing new products to the marketplace.

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