What is content analysis of conversation really all about?

At Discovery Research, our powerful mixture of cutting edge data gathering and consolidation methods, along with our big data technology techniques, alongside our 25 years of experience in the traditional market research arena set us apart from all other social media research, text analysis, content analysis, market research or intelligence providers.  In essence, we provide in depth competitive analysis, customer analysis, and product analysis on any type of conversation. Unstructured text from open-ended responses, focus groups, review sites, social media, inbound support notes, internal business databases, etc. are all good targets for this technology.

The basis of our content analysis approach is best summed up by this mantra:

“Words are defined by the neighbors they keep.”

magnifyingglassIt all starts with information and conversation. Here's the process:

We will work with you to understand your business, your concerns, your initiatives, and we'll offer recommendations as to the themes and questions on which to focus: What do your customers think of your products or services? How do you compare versus your competitors? How effective is your advertising? What are people saying about you?

We then apply our sophisticated data gathering machinery and consolidation techniques to seek out and collect unstructured content from a variety of places, including sources like web review sites, news articles, social media, forums, or even your own focus group transcripts. Like a laser, we then refine the focus on the brands and topics that are of most relevance to your business. Our content analysis and text analytic tools examine words and phrases by their grammatical value and their collocation or locational proximity to each other, allowing us to examine conversation as points and vectors giving us the ability to rank, analyze, and statistically evaluate subjects and sentiment, opinions and trends.

As information is gathered, results are either fed into custom-built web-based dashboards with charts, graphs and drill-down capabilities, giving you constant access to this valuable information in a way that is easy to use and understand. Or, for studies that are not longitudinal in nature, the Discovery Research team can provide detailed reports, statistical analysis of key findings, executive summaries, and the important business insights needed to make decisions about your company or organization.