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Discovery Research conducts surveys, focus groups, taste tests, online research communities, and other market research activities, for businesses all over the world who are interested in the thoughts and opinions of Utah consumers.  We are constantly adding to our database of potential research participants who are interested in sharing their opinions.

Most of our research panelists prefer to participate in our research via their mobile phones.  To sign up for our mobile research panel, simply download our app from your app store.  The app is called "Opinion Share." Participation is easy, simply download the app, fill out the form titled "Join Us," and leave the app on your device.  When we have a study available (that you'll be paid to participate in), we'll send you a push notification to announce the research and what needs to be done to participate. If you do not have a mobile device and would still like to be added to our research database, please completely fill out the form to the right and we'll e-mail you when research opportunities are available.  

As you fill out our form to join our database, it's important to note that your answers will be kept confidential, the database will never be provided to anyone for sales purposes, and it will only be used for market research purposes.  Thank you very much for your interest in our research! We look forward to hearing your opinions in the future.

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