Understanding the customer experience is key to product success. We'll use market research techniques to help you understand your customer's satisfaction...

One of the most common measurements of the customer experience is customer satisfaction.  Simply knowing how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are isn’t enough, you need to know why.

Our customer satisfaction market research typically starts with an in-depth survey that dives deep into several variables that affect how your customers feel about their experience.  Dozens of factors associated with customer service, location, hours of operation, supply, selection, transaction experience, etc. are measured on a ten-point scale.  We then measure your customers overall satisfaction. 

A correlation analysis is then run between each customer's overall satisfaction score and the various factors associated with customer satisfaction (customer service, location, etc.).  The end result is an identification of which variables have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction.

Additionally, we can take these scores and analyze differences between satisfied and dissatisfied customers using a gap analysis.  This enables us to not only determine drivers of satisfaction, but which factors have the strongest influence on satisfied customers and which ones have the strongest influence on dissatisfied customers. 

There are multiple factors that can contribute to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.  Knowing which ones have the highest impact enables you to concentrate your efforts on improving those factors that will make a big difference to your company.  

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