Data visualization dashboards simplify understanding of big data sets.

Large data set, after large data set, after large data set is available to the average business manager.  "Big data" has become the word of the day for many businesses.  CEO's, analysts, and managers receive a steady flow of raw data information related to their customers, their inbound support calls, their customer satisfaction levels, company market research surveys, finance information, etc.  In addition to these sources, companies also have a wealth of information available to them through online search, review sites, social media, forums, etc.dashboard1

The shear volume of available data is staggering.  Can the average business do anything with this volume of data?  To be successful, you have to pay attention to it.  But how?  Data is only useful if you have a way of managing it and turning it into insightful information. 

Interactive data visualization techniques are the solution.  Discovery Research Group's CompassVision product turns data into easily understandable business insights. And, CompassVision provides the data visualization solutions you need to understand all of that information in a way that is easily digested, easily understood, interactive, and capable of driving and monitoring your business decision making process.

CompassVision has the ability to dashboard any of the data streams that we analyze through our proprietary platform.  If you're interested in Focus Group analysis, social media, you're own industry, or even a market research tracking study, CompassVision can help you understand that data in quick and easy ways through market research dashboards.  Feel free to click on the dashboard to the left to get a better feel some of our dashboarding capabilities.