Market Research Design, Analytics & Reporting

Whether you have a specific research question in mind, an upcoming ad campaign for which you want to measure effectiveness, or you’ve simply been tasked with developing a customer loyalty program but don’t quite know where to begin – we can help. 

Discovery Research GroupResearch Design offers a full range of marketing research design solutions, from survey design and consultation, to social media research, market research data collection, wrapping up with data analysis, market research reports on your findings, and consultation on "what it all means" for your organization and the decisions at hand.

With 25+ years market research industry experience, we have developed expertise that goes well beyond simply conducting surveys.  Our objective is to be your partner in developing the strategies and research methodologies that will provide your organization with the most effective and valuable knowledge possible to make the critical decisions to move forward.  Our vast network of resources - including qualitative and quantitative research professionals to design and manage the market research process, our social media, telephone, online, and mobile research data collection capabilities, our banner tabulation & coding expertise, and ability to pull it all together through data analytics and market research reporting - gives us the ability to create the best custom solution for you, and will help “guide you to informed decisions”.