Brand research into emotion helps you understand the key purchase triggers. We provide the market research techniques that will help you understand your brands emotional components...

Whether they realize it or not, people typically use emotion to make decisions.  We use our head to justify these decisions, but more often than not, we go with how we “feel.”

This is exactly why 80% of car commercial ads focus on the thrill and excitement associated with the new car and devote about 20% of the ad to addressing things like gas mileage.  The emotions associated with any product, company, or brand, are therefore critical to understand in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. 

With Emotional and Psycho/Social Research we analyze a particular industry, company, brand, product, or market by taking a detailed look at the sentiment associated with it.  For example, as a manufacturer of running shoes, you may wish to know the emotions associated with your particular brand of shoe and that of your competitors in order to assist in the development of a new marketing strategy, or to assess the effectiveness of a current one. 

Using social media and text analytics, we first look at the overall sentiment of your brand or product in order to get a feel of the general positive or negative sentiment associated with it compared to competing brands.  Next we look at several positive and negative emotions associated with your brand in order to learn its position in the minds of consumers.  The result is a detailed understanding of what emotions are being associated with your brand.  Using this information you are then able to better position your brand or product to take advantage of positive emotions where your competitors are weak and you are strong, as well as correct any negative emotions where you are weak and your competitors are strong.   

Once you understand what emotions are related to your company, brand, or product you will have a tremendous advantage over your competition for the development of a sound marketing strategy.

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