You put a lot of work into your annual events. We'll use market research techniques to measure the experience...

It’s not always easy to measure the impact of your marketing efforts.  It typically takes time to realize the fruits of your labors, additionally there are so many variables involved that it isn’t easy to say which ones are having an impact.  

But with events (like concerts, community events, sporting events, brand events, etc.), the impact is much more direct, immediate, and measurable. The event research we conduct typically focuses on one or both of two areas; social media and direct feedback. 

Social Media – With event social media analysis we look at the online buzz surrounding the event.  Starting well in advance, we begin to measure the impact of your event promotional efforts.  In so doing we can identify what components associated with your events are generating the most excitement.  This can help you focus your marketing efforts on what people are talking about.  Furthermore this initial analysis will give you a good idea of what will be of most interest at your event, allowing you to plan appropriately. 

During your event we continue to monitor the associated conversation.  We break down the tweets and posts into key areas of interest and track positive and negative sentiment.  This allows you to quickly respond to any issues that arise.

After the event is over we conduct a post event analysis that shows what was hot, what was not, and why in order to help you better plan future events or this same event next time.

Direct Feedback – With direct feedback we survey and interview people at your event.  This can be done with in-person interviews via a tablet device, we can set up a station where people can take a survey on their own, provide QR Codes for your event, or simply engage your attendees through online survey methods.  This type of feedback is especially helpful when you are executing changes to your event that haven’t been there in the past and where you need to measure their direct impact.

Our analytics team then takes the results of your survey, analyzes them, and develops a report that provides you with a wealth of information for improving your event in the future. 

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