Our Market Research Experience

Who Really Needs to Conduct Market Research and Understand the Customer Conversation?

Our clients include some of the largest companies in the US and internationally.  If you want to generate market research insights, qualitative understanding, or have access to conversation that's currently underutilized (and who doesn't), you've come to the right place.  For many years, we've been working with businesses to solve problems, provide insights, answer business questions, and drive business success. 

We help:

Business Team

Market Research and Strategic Insights Managers in corporations of every size

We drive their understanding, insights, and strategic process to streamline market research initiatives, focus on the "right" market research approach, and minimize market research costs through our multiple market research solutions. 

Business Executives, C-Level leadership, and Business Managers 

We help them understand the details of their business in easily interpreted ways through dashboards and visualization of business intelligence, market research, competitive intelligence, conversation analysis, and data mining.

Marketers and Advertisers

We test their content using text analysis and data analysis techniques on market research and conversational data, understand how the consumer views what is being presented, and improve content for the future so that advertising dollars are being spent in effective ways that drive business and brand and product understanding.


We help businesses help themselves.  We work with businesses that need to understand "The Conversation" and its impact on the revenue stream.  We'll guide you to informed decisions...