Focalytic analyzes social media and online conversation. If you have conversation, we have answers!

Focalytic is made up of experienced market researchers, text and research analysts, and online/web gurus who gather, collect, measure and analyze online content and social media conversation with the goal of evaluating it and consulting and assisting you in answering your business questions.  We conduct social media research and use conversation analysis techniques to turn the conversation into business strategy.

Our proprietary processes began in some of the largest US Universities, have been applied to the consumer, B2B, and political sectors, and have been under development for over 25 years. Steeped in established text analytic and market research solutions, our processes will provide you with actionable focused insights. Contact us if you have questions or are interested in what we have to offer your business or association.

Here are some ideas on ways to benefit from using Focalytic in your business!



We create social media trackers that do more than listen to social media.  Our social media market research gathers, measures, and predicts. We use social media content to answer your business questions and solve your business problems.  Social media research and online content analysis should offer more than positive and negative responses to your brand or products. More evolution is available and Focalytic is the solution. [Read More]



Whether your qualitiative conversation source is associated with internal company databases, traditional market research techniques, or online social media content, there's a whole lot of "unstructured text" available to you. The real difficulty lies in how you go about analyzing it and paying attention to it.  Data analysis and interpretation in qualitative research and other qualitative data sources is not easy...until now. [Read More]


Large data set, after large data set, after large data set is available to the average business manager.  "Big data" has become the word of the day for many businesses.  CEO's, analysts, and managers receive a steady flow of raw data information related to their customers, their inbound support calls, their customer satisfaction levels, company market research surveys, finance information, etc.  In addition to these sources, companies also have a wealth of information available to them through online search, review sites, social media, forums, etc. [Read More]