Focus Group Hosting, Recruiting, and Moderation

Now, more than ever, consumers expect the opportunity to express their opinions about your products, services and brands.  Focus groups are a great way of identifying how your business should address your customer's needs.

Focus groups provide excellent ways for your customers or constituents to provide feedback on your marketing, product, and services so that you can plan for your business future and make strategic business decisions. 

Focus groups will help you: 

  • Test your beliefs and assumptions about your products and services

  • Effectively gather customer opinion and sentiment about issues of concern for your organization

  • Open up a discourse about pertinent topics to your business.

  • Guide your decision making process  

Discovery Research Group provides focus group recruiting, hosting, and moderation in Utah.  We have a 528 square foot focus group facility in the Salt Lake City metro area that is large enough to fit up to 14 participants and all the displays, products, presentations you need.  Here are the characteristics of the facility:Focus Facility

  • 528 sq. ft. conference room with one-way glass large enough to fit up to 14 concurrent participants

  • Digital audio/video recording from multiple angles with tilt/zoom/cameras

  • 160 sq. ft. viewing room that is large enough for 6 focus group observers

  • Video streaming using ActiveGroup technology

  • Easels, flipcharts, projectors, speakers, and lots of M&M's.  Everything you need for a successful group.

  • Easy access, 18 miles from the Salt Lake City airport, all on interstate (I-215 & I-15).

In addition to our facility and recruiting capabilities, Discovery Research Group will moderate your focus groups, transcribe, report on the focus group data, and can even run text analytics on the focus group if you need it.