Online Forums and Bulletin Boards for Market Research Purposes

Regardless of what you call them, market research forums or research based bulletin boards are very helpful in your research process.  They provide ongoing moderated conversation threads about your products, services, and brand.

In ancient Roman times, the forum was a public square, a marketplace, or a place of assembly.  As it evolved, a forum became a public meeting place for open discussion or vocalizing ideas.  These locational forums have given way to digital or online forums (or research bulletin boards) that can be used as very helpful research tools.  

An online or internet forum or bulletin board, used for market reseach purposes, is a discussion site where recruited respondents can participate in moderated ongoing conversations in the form of posted messages, questions, and answers.  The messages are stored in password protected ways so that the information is completely confidential, but can be used for analysis purposes, and to gain qualitative insights.

Roman Forum

Market researchers, insight strategists, brand and product managers often need ongoing ways to ask filtered and specific questions, especially open-ended questions.  Forums or bulletin boards are the solution.

Discovery Research will work with you to create a panel of people that will give you ongoing feedback about you!  We'll handle all of the steps in the process, from recruiting the research respondents, to setting up the online forum platform, to moderating the content, and analyzing the conversation for insights.  We'll help you generate the research conversation.  

Whatever you want to call them, market research bulletin boards or forums generate a significant amount of text...conversation.  Discovery Research understands how to generate, understand, and analyze conversation.  We'll help you uncover a world of insight from forums and conversational text.