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My Generation - Segmenting Characteristics of Generation X, Y, & Z

Posted by Kevan Oswald on Jan 8, 2015 10:35:50 AM

The oldest Gen Xers will turn 50 this year. At least most consider that to be the case.  Baby Boomers are widely agreed upon as having been born between 1946 and 1964, making 1965 the starting year for Generation X.  After that, start and stop dates for each generation start to get a little fuzzy.

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Talkin’ Bout My Generation - Segmentation

Posted by Kevan Oswald on Nov 29, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Not my song.  Not my generation.  I’m one removed from the rock and roll of the self-centered “me” generation.  I grew up way back in the day when MTV actually showed videos and I don’t recall seeing anything much from The Who.  The point is I know the song, but I can’t identify with it, it doesn’t resonate with me.  There’s no need for me to live in someone else’s past.  Use that song in a commercial and I probably tune it out.  Grab a song from the 80’s that I like and I might take notice.  Pull something else into the ad like people my age, activities I like, an environment I can relate to, maybe a well know actor or line from an 80’s movie that Boomers and Millennials won’t get, make it entertaining, and I’ll pay attention. 

It’s a fairly basic concept; simply show your target market using your product, and they’ll take notice because they can project themselves into the circumstance.  But to really resonate your marketing needs to do more than just create a mental picture or association; it needs to communicate a level of understanding so that your target market says “yea…they get me”.  So how do you do that?  Your best guess?  Trial and error?  To borrow a word from a much much older generation, that’s “tomfoolery”.  (I don’t think I resonated with anyone with that word choice).  But to my point, research is how you get there, in particular segmentation research.

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