Brand loyalty and product evangelism are both very valuable to your brand. We'll use our market research techniques to help you measure them...

No advertising campaign or marketing program will do more for your company than your own customers willingness to promote your business.  Called “Promoters,” these are your best customers, and learning what makes them tick is essential to your company’s success.    

Promoters and Detractors are identified by a simple survey question asking your customers: “How likely is it that you would recommend ABC Company to a friend or college?”  The results are measured, graphed, and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculated by taking the difference between the percentage of Promoters (9’s and 10’s) and Detractors (0 through 6).  


Knowing your company’s Net Promoter Score is an important metric, but the real value comes in tracking this score over time.  As this is done, changes in the NPS are identified.  These changes are then examined in light of other factors that may affect NPS such as a new advertising campaign, a new competitor, or new products or policies.  

Evangelism Over Time

What is learned from this analysis can then be used to help predict how these factors may affect sales in the future. The simplicity of Net Promoter Score analysis makes it one of the most popular metrics for measuring customer satisfaction. 

At Discovery Research Group we have extensive experience in utilizing this important metric to identify factors associated with customer loyalty. Let us show you how a better understanding of customer loyalty through NPS will help you greatly improve your bottom line. 

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