Mobile Market Research for a Mobile World - Mobile Surveys

Smart phones and cell phones have become a very standard part of the business and consumer landscape.  Recent market research reports on cell phone penetration show upwards of 40% of US households who are cell-phone dominant (as opposed to land-line dominant) in their phone usage. 

Some other areas of the world are even higher.  This quickly evolvCellphone Ladying technology provides both challenges as well as opportunities for market researchers who depend on the ability to collect accurate survey research data. 

Here are just a few of the challenges faced by those collecting telephone survey research data:

  • Drawing representative household samples from traditional telephone sampling methods poses problems for market researchers in their attempts to gather representative data that can be accurately analyzed.

  • Effectively reaching audiences whose cell phone penetration rates are higher than the "normal" population or aren't "tied" to traditional landlines (i.e. young males, lower income households, some minority groups, etc.). 

  • Geographical representation.  Cell phone numbers are not always tied to specific areas of the country.  Owners can port their home phone number from their home in one area of the country to a cell phone in a totally new area.

As always, these challenges also present opportunities for those who adapt to the changing landscape:

  • Solutions providers who are able to effectively navigate these waters will produce better samples, data, and more accurate answers to your market research based questions.

  • Mobile research allows for improved real-time observation as events occur.  Mobile survey research can be "in the moment." Through diaries, online mobile surveys, and quick access phone surveys, respondents can report feedback as it happens and improve customer engagement.  These surveys can be launched in numerous ways, even using barcodes on product packaging and invoices.

  • Mobile phones provide for a "self-selection" setting where respondents can take surveys, phone or online, on their own timelines, which allows researchers to dive into subjects that may be difficult to discuss using traditional methods.

With 25+ years experience in telephone survey research, Discovery Research Group has been an active leader within the market research industry to develop successful strategies and best practices to confront the growing shift toward cell-phone households.  We understand the challenges, and the benefits that mobile survey research provides.  Let us " you to informed decision making" by introducing mobile survey research into your multi or single mode solutions platform.