Discovering the needs for a product, a customer, or a market is imperative to product success. Market research will identify those needs...

With every company, product, or service, there is a difference between “what is” and “what should be.” Discovering these differences reveals a prioritized list of your customers “needs.”

Needs assessment is the process of systematically identifying the product or service needs of your customers or target market.  Needs are typically identified by evaluating gaps between the way things are and the way things should or could be.  Once these product or service needs are identified, the objective is to close the gap, either by improviding on your current product or service, or by developing a new product or service.  In essense, you are Discovering the unmet need of your customer.

In order to identify customer needs a survey is commonly used to assess several pre-determined variables by having the survey participant rate the importance of each one.  The end result is a ranking of each need.  The ranking is further defined by showing the degree of separation between each of these variable so as to allow for both an assessment of product or service priorities and their importance to the customer. 

Let Discovery Research Group show you how simple it is to clearly identify your company’s product or service needs as seen from the perspective of your customers.

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