Utilize Online Surveys to Understand Your Customers

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Online surveys provide market insights that drive business decisions.  Surveys are impactful competitive intelligence tools that help you understand how customers view your products, services, and brand.

Discovery Research understands the market research process.  Among other things, we are a survey company that has many years of experience designing, programming, executing, and collecting marketing research and online satisfaction surveys.  


We are firm believers in surveys that create product and customer level conversation. At the end of the day, Discovery Research is a conversation based company that understands how to:

  • generate conversation
  • interpret and analyze the conversation
  • drive business insights from the conversation

Online surveys are one more way of generating customer centric conversation that answer your business questions.

When we conduct surveys, we encourage both quantitative and qualitative insights through the use of both scaled and open ended survey questions.  Survey questions that generate unstructured text are an important part of the research process and we know how to understand the text they create through our proprietary text categorization process.

Our online surveys are an impactful way to understand competitive business intelligence.  We will help you design your online survey in a way that is statistically reliable.

From there we will:

  • program and set up your business-to-business or customer survey
  • collect the survey conversation
  • analyze or visualize the data through our custom dashboard process

Discovery Research's online surveys will provide you with the information you need to make actionable informed decisions.  Fill out the form to the right and speak with one of our online survey specialists today!