Good products must meet the need of the consumers. We'll use market research techniques to understand what those needs are...

There are essentially two ways to go about developing your product.  The first is to develop the product based on features you think your customers will want.  The second is to develop the product based on features you know your customers will want.  

In product development research we engage several research methodologies to help you develop a product that will be successful.  The methodology selected depends on your goals and how far along you are in the product development cycle.  If you are in the early stages of development the approach will be different than if you are in the later stages of development.

Focus Group(s) - A focus group allows for you to present your idea to your target market for feedback.  Often this initial step will provide you with insights that may have not occurred to you before.  Most importantly, you will learn if you have a good idea or not and what your customers like and don’t like about it.

Focus Group (late stage) - A focus group can also be used if your product is mostly developed.  Placing the product in the hands of your target market and having them use it can reveal a host of new and useful information. 

In-home Testing – With early stage in-home testing we have your target market test competing products.  In so doing we are able to identify various strengths and weaknesses that will lead to idea generation.  For example, you may wish to develop a new paper cutter for people who are into paper crafts.  Three or four different types of paper cutters would be given to a select group of these people.  They would then be asked to use the paper cutters and respond with what they like and don’t like about each one.  They may even be asked to demonstrate their preferences by recording their usage and uploading the video.

In-home Testing (late stage) – Late stage in-home testing involves customers using your product prior to its official launch in the market place.  At this point your product is mostly developed, but may still need a few kinks worked out. 

Ethnographic Research – With ethnographic research we observe consumers using competing products.  This observation can be in a formal controlled environment, that is similar to a focus group, but when possible, true ethnographic research is best done by observing consumers using competitor’s products in real life situations.

Social Media Research – Using social media we identify conversations associated with the product category or a competitor’s product.  Major themes associated with the product are identified along with complaints.  The goal is to uncover areas of weakness or need that can be addressed by the new product design. 

Finally, product research doesn’t need to be about new products.  If you have an existing product in need of improvement we can also utilize focus groups, ethnographic research, in-home testing, and social media research to take it to the next level.

Whatever your product, whatever stage you are at in its development, we have the tools and expertise available to help greatly improve its chances of success in the marketplace.

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