Market Research Techniques That Use Multiple Streams of Conversational Data to Drive Actionable Insights...

There are many streams of conversational data.  From your survey research and focus groups, to online reviews, social media, and search content, the conversation is constantly flowing.

Discovery Research provides more than just surveys and a social media research platform.  We gather, collect, and centralize data from many sources into one stream of conversation.

One of the biggest challenges with "canned" social media listening and social media research platforms is their inability to get to the data that isn't "piped" into their system.  Discovery Research will gather and consolidate that data Datafor you.  Whether you are interested in online reviews, blogs, industry forums, traditional websites, and even...yes social media, Discovery Research can get to the conversation.  We will gather the content about you from the sources that matter to you most.  That's very different.   

You may be interested in analyzing the conversation that your customer service agents are having with your customers.  Are you going to review each of those bits of conversation individually?  That's a tremendous waste of time and resource.  What about if your customers are talking about you in locations other than Facebook and Twitter?  How about if they're talking about you on the site where they purchase your products and services?  How do you hear them?  You likely have market research initiatives that generate A LOT of conversation, open-ended questions, focus groups, MROCs, IDI's etc.  What do you do with all that text?

Discovery Research provides the tools and techniques to gather and understand the many ways that conversation happens.  Conversation isn't always in traditional locations, online or offline.  It takes place everywhere, and we have the ability to gather it, understand it, and perform the data analysis for your business insights.  We call these data streams and they're worth understanding.