Market Research Online Communities (MROC) that Provide Ongoing Discussion on Subjects that Matter to You!

More than ever before, consumers of your products, services and brand expect to have a voice.  They want to provide their opinions and guide your products into something that benefits THEM.

Online communities (MROCs) provide you with a platform for hearing this voice, and guiding it in directions that drive decisions for your organization. 

Market Research Online Communities or MROCs are market research based interactive online proprietary social networks made up of individuals that have a common interest, like your brand or your industry, and are brought together for the purpose of gathering and providing qualitative market research insights and information.  Simply stated, they are groups of people who are willing to interact with each other, through a social network, about how to improve YOU.


Sometimes you just want quick and ongoing feedback from people that have an interest in your industry subject, your products or services.  That's where MROCs benefit you the most.  Imagine a panel of your customers or prospective customers who are willing to help you create your products, provide ongoing input into your services, fine tune your media, and help you drive your outcomes.

Discovery Research will work with you to create a community of people that will give you ongoing feedback about you!  There are many steps in this process, from recruiting, to moderating, to the more technical elements of setting up the software, facilitating events, and reporting on insights.  Discovery Research will provide the conversation and you can be as involved as you want.    

Want feedback on a new add?  Show your community the add, then let them tell you what they like and what they dislike.  See how it resonates, then change what doesn't work,  and get more feedback.  Want to survey a group on some upcoming initiative?  Ask your community.  Want to understand HOW they're using your products.  Ask them...and then have them show you.  Some examples of MROC activities you can benefit from are:

  • Audio and Video Uploads (Ethnographic Information)
  • Community Social Interaction and Think Tank
  • Website, Ads and Image Reviews 
  • Cardsorts, Polls, Rankings and Online Surveys 
  • Research Journals, Forums and Activity Streams

MROCs can last as long as you want, or be as short as you want.  They can include 2 people, or more than 2,000.  It's really up to you and the needs of your research.  Let us show you how Discovery Research can use Market Research Online Communities to guide your research.  It'll provide a great benefit to your organization.

MROCs are about interaction and conversation.  Interaction and conversation produce text, and Discovery Research knows text.