Online focus groups that dig deep and provide rich qualitative research insights

Online focus groups solve real challenges that traditional focus groups cannot address, namely location, time, and travel.

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Focus groups are an excellent market research methodology, but what if your target consumers aren't all located in the same city or region?  That's where online focus groups come in.  

Generally speaking, focus groups:online focus group

  • Allow you to test assumptions about your product or brand
  • Help you gather detailed qualitative information about the customer beliefs and opinions that drive your strategy and development
  • Encourage conversation among participates that increase innovation and develop insights
  • Provide stimuli (ads, visuals, etc.) for conversation
  • Give researchers and those invested in the product or brand the opportunity to hear from their customers first hand. 

Online focus groups and online qualitative research allow you to do all of these things in ways that are less costly than traditional focus groups, that are more convenient to the respondents, and that allow research to be conducted globally without concern for the physical facilities and how well representative a specific geographic location is of your overall target customer.  

Discovery Research online focus groups will provide you with quick, insightful, and informed decisions.  Fill out the form to the right and speak with one of our online focus group specialists today!