Social media listening helps you engage with customers as they speak!

Our social media product Focalytic builds customized social media listening platforms that are useful for understanding how consumers view your company, your competitor, or the industry and give you the opportunity to engage with them.

section social media marketingSocial Media Listening is all about engagement. Simply put, there is a conversation going on about YOU. You have the choice to either listen to it or ignore it. What do you plan to do?

Social media monitoring or listening refers to actively tracking social media outlets with the aim of gathering information about your product, your company, or your services.  Social media listening, monitoring, or social media "eavesdropping" is becoming a standard part of many businesses. You need to understand the experiences your customers are having. You need to hear and understand their complaints. And, you need to understand what you are doing RIGHT. Social media listening allows you to not only understand what people are saying about you or even to you, but it also allows you to quickly respond when something needs to be fixed or straightened out.

The difference between Focalytic and other social media listening platforms is our ability to customize and build YOUR platform for ultimate flexibility. We do not intend to box you into our platform as other providers of these services do. Yes we have templates, yes we have opinions about best practices in this space, but we feel that you should have the ability to listen to what you want, when you want, and understand the subject you a cost effective way that is meaningful to you, your managers, your employees, your principals, etc.

Customers are talking about you, are you listening? Focalytic will help you understand the conversation, in a way that matters.