Social media research uses online data sources to answer business questions!

We provide social media research that goes beyond your standard "Listening" platform and provides the next step in content analysis of social media conversations.

We create social media trackers that do more than listen to social media.  Our social media market research gathers, measures, and predicts. We use social media content to answer your business questions and solve your business problems.  Social media research and online content analysis should offer more than positive and negative responses to your brand or products. More evolution is available and Discovery Research is the solution.

Sentiment and current social media listening platforms tell you:

  • When someone is talking about you.
  • Whether they are saying positive or negative things.
  • And, give you the opportunity to engage with the person speaking about your product or brand.


Social media listening is NOT the same as social media research. Discovery Research can provide you not only with a social media research platform but also social media research based business solutions. Among many other insights, Discovery Research's social media market research can provide:

  • Emotional and motivational drivers
  • Information on how to prioritize features and product additions that customers need NOW
  • Your brands strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • The differences between you and your brand vs. your competitor and their brands
  • Whether your advertising message is accomplishing what you intend it to accomplish
  • Industry need assessment
  • Segmentation of customers, product users, or interest groups
  • Pricing information, where your competitive gaps are, and where you can cut cost without customer concern
  • Market research insights and organizational understandings that are needed to provide educated business decisions and solutions

If you truly want to know what your customers, your competitors, and the online "world" is saying about you, you'll want social media research.