It's important to understand how your brand performs over time. We use market research techniques to understand how your brand tracks for forecasting purposes...

Are you accounting for the time element when you evaluate your brands performance?  How do you understand how your brand is likely to perform over time.  We use time series market research to answer these specific questions.  

Key brand variables are much easier to understand when they've been tracked over an extended period of time.  The analysis for this type of research (time series analysis) is not as simple as running a regression on your key variables and walking away.  The time element associated with your brand, along with these key elements, need to be treated as their own seperate indicators of performance.  

Time series research tracks your key brand elements over a very specific, and predicted, period of time.  There are many elements that contribute to brand success or customer satisfaction.  Time series analyzes each of these variables to understand how they contribute over a predictable time period, typically with the intent of forcasting future brand behavior or modeling brand strength.  One of the signifant added values of time series research is the ability to predict if some event (the introduction of a new variable) can have a positive impact (or will have a negative impact) on your brand.  

If you are trying to understand a trend, forecast future behavior, understand if the introduction of some new product or service will have an impact on your brand, or understand the key components of your brands success, time series will be very helpful to you and we can drive the market research process to make this happen.   

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