You must understand the customer's voice for your products or services to be successful. We'll use market research techniques to help you monitor VoC...

Because brands interact with their customers at so many levels (sales, marketing, support, etc.), there's an increasing concern with how the customer is treated at every level of interaction.  

Voice of the customer (VoC) programs, based on good market research techniques, will help you understand your customer better, how your company interacts with those customers, and what you can do to ensure they stick around.

Strong Voice of the Customer programs contain four fundamental elements:

  1. Listening to the customer - Either through post transaction surveys or social media monitoring, it's important that you understand how your customer experiences your brand.
  2. Analyzing and Understanding the customer - Gathering information is just not enough.  You need to have access to what they say.  We build market research insight dashboards that provide real-time access to this data.
  3. Insights must be actionable - Once you've gathered the customer's experience and analyzed it for key trends, you must take action.  Data and insights are only good if they're actionable and you take action on what you've been provided.
  4. Monitor and Listen again - It's important to know if you are having a positive impact over time.  To do that, you must monitor and continue to measure.  Rinse...Repeat...
We understand Voice of the Customer programs and can implement them for your organization in a way that you can have a positive significant impact on your company or brand.  

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