Research Solutions

Data Collection



  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) - Using our highly trained call centers, we have conducted inbound and outbound market research surveys on every topic imaginable, from businesses, health-care and pharmaceuticals, to entertainment and telecommunications.
  • CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) –A cross between CATI and Online surveys. Using our dedicated call centers, with highly trained interviewers to interact with the respondent, and completing the survey using our online platform, to provide real time insight.
  • Online- Our online surveys are an impactful way to understand competitive business intelligence. We will help you design your online survey in a way that is statistically reliable and execute using our online survey platform.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) Our IVR solution offers flexible, fast, and affordable engagement with customers or respondents. IVR can be deployed for a variety of purposes, including transactional surveys (a call-in number on the back of a receipt), customer service, or hybrid/multimode surveys.
  • Web & Social Media- Our social media market research gathers, measures, and predicts. We use social media content to answer your business questions and solve your business problems.
  • In-Person-Onsite/In-store/Event Interviewing and Mall Intercept-Using our dedicated highly trained employees, we can conduct mall intercepts from our sister companies permanent mall facilities, or send field staff to any location within the US.
  • IDI (In-depth Interviews)-For deeper insight, either by phone or in-person, our highly trained executive interviewers can administer your longer, more in-depth surveys.