• Programming - CATI, CAWI and Online surveys using Survox interviewing platform. Contact us about programming your next project!


  • Sample Procurement  - Using all high quality panel and sampling companies in the MR industry with the advantage of partner pricing, we can fulfill your sampling needs. Contact us about sample procurement today!


  • Project Management - All Project Managers are full time Discovery Research Group employee who they themselves, started with us as telephone interviewers. Contact us about what our project managers can do for your next study!


  • Text Analytics - Our proprietary Text Analytics platform is customized for each client based on their own needs.  Data can be pulled from review websites, traditional data collection, including focus group transcriptions, social media, internal business databases or any other data source. Contact us to learn more about what our text analytics can do for your data!


  • Custom Data Visualization Dashboards - The perfect place to display, understand and analyze your data for inbound support calls, customer satisfaction data, review sites, social media, forum, customer data or any other data source. Contact us to learn more about what our custom dashboards can do for the visualization of your data!


  • Data Processing, Coding ,Tabulation, Transcription - Our staff researchers help take the data and turn it into actionable insights, that can be delivered using our custom dashboards or executive summary reports giving a dynamic or static overview of what the data is saying.


  • Real Time Reporting - Through our innovative client portal, project reporting is available 24/7 for real-time analysis and information gathering.  Flexible tables and visuals allow you to get the most out of your data whenever it’s needed.  Reports can be tailored to your requirements and adjusted at run time.  Contact us to experience the many advantages of having real-time reporting at your fingertips!


  • Data Integration Services - One of the major challenges of modern business is finding ways to bring all of your data together into something beneficial.  Disparate data sources, mismatched data types, unstructured information, and unused meta-data some of the barriers to companies realizing the full potential of their data.  At DRG, we’re experts at data integration.  We have developed a platform to merge your research, business intelligence, customer service, and sales data into unified data sets so that all of your most valuable data can be analyzed synchronously. Contact us about  what our data integration services can offer you!